Travel Log of Jzvrgt

Recent Events

  • Successfully defended base from Vyncis. (We killed some other bloke but I can’t remember his name That would be Carlen Visguard
  • Went to the pub to… Uhh… Cool off, I dunno. Heard that the stranger from the mines returned alive … darn
  • Owe Eric a LOT of money … perhaps raiding a mansion or 2 will help
  • Stole Carlen’s ring of Mind Shielding, it has a rather talkative and perverted soul inside, Brightling has named him ‘Nail’ … he’s glad that he doesn’t have to listen to Carlen anymore

Distant Events

  • Obtained Main Base
  • Annoyed Vyncis
  • Became familiar with Main Base
  • Helped Ethel Bexley with his Love-Life
  • Helped the Pub with some problematic Guards
  • Helped Eric with some Kobald problems
  • Met with the Town Mayer (Annoyed him too)
  • Helped Dunther with some Twig Blights
  • Cleared out Mines. Also found Boulder Rockington

Important Character Information

Mr X
Mysterious Unknown “Person”… Ooh

Points of Information
  • Seems to be either very Rich, or is a very experienced Adept
  • Has met each of us and the townsfolk, however no one can remember much about “him”
  • Seems to want us to work together

Snooty, with a terrible French accent

Points of Information
  • Seems to enjoy being Rich
  • Has many Bodyguards
  • Novice Adept (Saw through Camilla’s shape-shifting) Urrrm … no, he’s just an excellent judge of style … apparently the way you dress gave you away
  • Friendly with the Town Mayer
  • Has a Gun (Nice) (ahem … had)
  • Is now dead

Travel Log of Jzvrgt

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