The greedy adept from Cuthon


First met by the party on his way to Taham to sort out the problems with the various wards (or lack thereof) around town. Eric is largely motivated by money and expects to be payed substantial amounts for his services, especially if he is put in danger. Despite this he is generally quite helpful to the townsfolk and, as the only adept permanently near the area, gets regular employ from the people of Taham.

Most likely due to his natural disposition he is an enthusiastic follower of Elias, who gives him sound financial advice in return for a meal. Though he has had few bad encounters with its members Eric is not fond of the Church and thinks their aversion to workings and the fae are ridiculous.

In his (slightly) younger days Eric lived and trained in Jaggonath, and thus has certain knowledge of the Forest, and of the nature of its inhabitants. Like the vast majority of people he gives them a wide berth.



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