Blazing Coldfire

2 Sessions In
Near deaths already occuring

5th Umberlee – 3:30 pm

update on party, quests completed, new pages created, mysteries found…

The Character Decisions
Evil alignments and the woes of a DM

Kalkatak speaking, and boy am I looking forward to this campaign; my favourite setting from my favourite books, what could go wrong?
. . . Stupid question, shouldn’t have asked xD

So I don’t like to interfere much when players go to make their characters, just as long as they’re not going to be at each other’s throats anything is fine by me. So I give out some mocked up draft sheets and get the players to fill them out.

The result? Oh it’s beautiful; 3 evil-aligned characters, each wanting to be a monster race of course. Oh, and I’ll have to track Day / Night a bit better than I usually do, what with 2 players being Vampires (the proper kind!)
Well that was ok, mock up races are done (both Vampires, and Succubi) and I’m pretty sure I can mock up a new School for our violent Bard.

Then I saw their goals in life . . .
Char Brightling wishes to build an empire for him and his family to rule, Cleptengrath Vedneth aims to collect any and all historical texts in existence, and our wonderful Fighter (who’s yet to think of a name) simply wants to beat anything considered strong into the dirt.
Wonderful goals . . only they all involve some serious opposition to Gerald Tarrant, I should have known really.
Well I can see a TPK in the future, but who knows, maybe they’ll manage to take him down after all . . . if they manage to reach level 20+ at all XD

Anyway, the plot is calling for my attention, over and out.

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